Hi, I'm Raphaela Doğan
In my childhood I discovered the magic and power of day dreaming as a way to escape reality. It brought me to drawing imaginative worlds and writing stories and poems during my youth. But it wasn't until university times that I connected both my writing and drawing.
Now after many years of freelancing in different fields (comic, newspapers and magazines) I've come to focus my work on children's illustration and over the last years have mainly been working with publishing houses such as Westermann Verlag, Mildenberger Verlag and other child and education related clients.
Clients: Westermann Verlag, Mildenberger Verlag, Kulturprojekte Berlin, ADFC, Tagesspiegel, Frankfurter Rundschau, the research institute INFAS, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Mairisch Verlag and many more.
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2016: ICOM price, honorable mentioning for the comic book
„Die Wurzeln der Lena Siebert“, Mairisch publishers

2015: Afkat Graphic Novel price for the comic book „Die Wurzeln der Lena Siebert“, Mairisch publishers
2018: ”Tante Hilde & Lotta“, comic for Tagesspiegel newspaper

2018: ”The Great Shake“, comic for Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper
2017: ”Kreislauf stabil“, comic for 030 magazine
2016: ”The Beat That Your Heart Skipped“, comic for Laranja magazine
2016: ”Wie sollen wir so leben?“, comic for U-Comix magazine, no. 195
2016: ”Einfach mal leben“, a monthly comic for the German-Turkish online magazine Maviblau
2015: ”Raubfischen“, Comic, Kabeljau & Dorsch, E-Book-Anthology
2015: ”Die Wurzeln der Lena Siebert“, Comic book, Mairisch publishers
2021: Stipendium Neustart Kultur/Stipend granted by Stiftung Kulturwerk VG Bild Kunst
2021: Förderung offenes Entwicklungsvorhaben/Research granted by Stiftung Kulturwerk VG Bild Kunst
2015: ”Creative Bridges Lab – Graphic Short Stories “, residence grant of the Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke and Goethe Institut, Istanbul
2015: ”The gloomy and the cheerful“ Scholarship of the 3rd international picture book festival, Brandenburg
2019: The Walls We Build/International Festival Of The Arts, group exhibition in Kigali (Ruanda), Hildesheim and Berlin (Germany)

2017: “Design Night“, group exhibition at KAOS Berlin
2016: “1st International Women’s Comic Strip Festival”, group exhibition at Art Base in Brussels
2016: ”Utopien des Alltags“, group exhibition at Comic Salon Erlangen
2015: Solo exhibition with the comic ”Die Wurzeln der Lena Siebert“
at the Fumetto Comic Festival, Luzern

2015: Group exhibition with the comic „Raubfischen“ in
Gelegenheiten e.V. Berlin during the Festival 48 Hours Neukölln

Photo: Yaşar Doğan

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